Automatic Gates and Barriers

Your home or premises should be free from the worry of intruders or security breaches. For this reason many people have already installed automatic gates & barriers in their properties. When you need top of the range security for your home or facility, you want to partner with an experienced and trusted company that has a range of solutions. Call us today on 01642 628846 orĀ 07710 083890 for secure, safe and affordable automatic gates and barriers.

Our automatic gates & barriers offer more than just security from unwanted guests. Here are some benefits of these installations:

  • Enhanced privacy
  • Added home value
  • More convenience
  • Stop entry of stray animals
  • Greater safety for children and pets

There are at least four types of gate and barrier automation methods namely sliding, underground, work drive and articulated arm. Whether you need new installations or automation of existing access control systems, we can help you. You can use these options wherever you wish, including high traffic areas and car parks.

Affordable and Friendly

From the simplest forms of automatic gates at residential properties, to the more intricate automatic barriers used in bigger facilities, we offer the most cost effective, affordable and environmentally friendly solutions. Our biggest asset is our understanding that every barrier and gate is unique. In this regard, we have assembled a team that is capable of offering full gate and barrier installation services.

Our impressive array of barrier and security options means that we are able to provide products and services to many types of clients. You can be sure that our automatic gates & barriers will suit your business or home. Apart from being rigorously tested for top performance, our products come with a durability guarantee.

Automated gates and barriers not only enhance security of your property, but also give you peace of mind when children and pets are outdoors. Having a professional install these access control features is a means of adding value to your business or home. If you are interested in our state-of-the-art automation methods, contact us now for a free quotation either by emailing us at or by calling 01642 628846.