High Speed Doors

Should you installed a high speed door in your facility? There are numerous reasons why getting this type of door makes sense. These doors improve security, enhance workflow, lower energy costs, and decrease maintenance costs among other benefits, with them, you can save as much as £4800 annually. Do not let all of these benefits pass you by.

Why should you choose us?

We started dealing with high speed doors more than 10 years ago. Today, we are renowned specialists in the sector. Our innovation and expertise is evident in the metal, rubber and fabric high speeds doors we have already delivered. These products have exceptional performance and value. If you are in the cold storage business, use our reliable insulated doors or we also offer heavy duty doors that suit harsh environments for agricultural use. Whatever the demands of your business we will have something in stock for you.

More about our range of products

Speaking of options, you cannot get a wider array of high speeds doors anywhere else. We have both horizontally and vertically opening doors designed for internal and external use. Depending on the application, you can have a door as small as 1 meter wide by 1.2 meters high, or as large as 12 meters wide by 5 meters high. Activation, aesthetics, colour, material…you choose, our team will make your vision a reality.

A safe and reliable choice

Our high speeds doors have been fully tested and proven to be extremely safe. With safe edges and no hanging weights these devices cannot hurt users. Infrared sensors embedded in the door’s frame help in detecting objects in the doorway for enhanced safety. Furthermore, the door comes with a reversing edge design that reverses the door instantly in case of contact with an object.

Efficiency and service life

How do we make our doors durable and fast? We use the very reliable frequency converter control (FU) technology. It gives the door a smooth opening and closing mechanism. This not only optimises operations in the workplace, but also extends service life and reduces heat losses. Further advantage is that a malfunction or power failure in the system does not render the door useless. You can still use a hand pulley to operate our high speed door.

All this and a lot more make us the undisputed leaders in high speed door design, installation and maintenance. You deserve the best; choose us today. For more information, email at enquiries@ryedalegaragedoors.co.uk or call us on 01642 628846 or 07710 083 890.