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Industrial Sectional Doors

Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors Supplied and Installed

Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors are a popular choice for many industrial facilities. Opening vertically, creating free space in front of and behind the door, these doors are ideal for larger openings such as loading docks, warehouses and manufacturing facilities where thermal efficiency and sound insulation are a priority.

Our range of sectional overhead doors are highly resistant to any weather condition. They also provide incredible insulation and security due to their foam-insulated core. Vision panels can be installed to provide a view in or out of the building.

All businesses, regardless of their sector, should have safe, strong, and secure access points to their premises. This is especially true in the agricultural industry, where there are specific factors to consider. There may be a need for strict temperature control if foodstuffs are being stored. Security is of the utmost importance due to the presence of expensive machinery and specialised equipment.

Industrial Sectional Doors
Sectional Industrial Door with Windows

Why Choose an Industrial Sectional Door?


These doors are built to withstand heavy use and are designed to last for many years. Panels are constructed from high-quality materials and are reinforced with heavy-duty hardware, making them resistant to weather and other elements.


Sectional Overhead doors are made to measure to fit a wide range of opening sizes, allowing you to specify the format, functionality and appearance you desire. If required, our doors can be fitted with a wicket door and/or window panels.

Energy Efficient

Having double-skinned panels and fire-safe foam, Sectional Industrial Doors not only help to prevent drafts and heat loss but help to maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels inside your facility, improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of mould and mildew growth.

Manual or Electric Operation

Our Sectional overhead doors can be installed either as manually operated by chain hoist or electronically with a 3-phase motor. We can advise you of the possibilities and advantages of each mode of operation to suit your premises.

If you are looking for an Industrial door solution for your business in Yorkshire, consider having industrial sectional doors supplied and installed by Ryedale Garage Doors. With a wide range of options available, as well as many benefits, including energy efficiency, durability, and ease of use, these doors are sure to meet your needs and provide you with a long-lasting and reliable solution.

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