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Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

Varied materials and sizes

Sectional garage doors are usually made up of distinct panels that elevate upwards and lay parallel with the ceiling. They usually come in about three to eight sections held together by tough hinges with castors fixed on the edges of the panel enabling the sectional door to move up and down the track system which is fixed to both the frame of the door and the roof.

Sectional doors can also be referred to as panel doors. They often vary considerably in size. The maximum height and width of a panel door or sectional door are, however, determined by the toughness and strength of the material used to construct the door.

Generally, sectional doors function on a torsion spring system. Although most sectional doors are now operated automatically with the aid of a garage door opener, they are still required to be perfectly balanced so that they can be lifted manually.

Sectional doors can be produced from several materials including aluminum, wood, glass, steel, and vinyl.

Sectional Garage Door
Sectional Garage Door

Top-Notch Security

What are the benefits of a sectional garage door?

Security is a very important factor especially when it has to do with a living or working environment. When it comes to home environments, securing your vehicles and your other personal belongings is crucial, that is why a garage door that guarantees security is important.

When you go for sectional garage doors, you are sure to have a maximum security garage door. It is a very hard task for intruders to break in through this kind of door. This gives you a sense of security that your belongings are safe even if you’re somewhere far away from your garage.

Maximum Protection

A garage is also a fraction of your home. It is essential to keep your valuable assets protected whether it’s your vehicle, your gym equipment, or any other kind of assets you value. To keep all these items safeguarded, you need to use the right door.

A sectional garage door will not only help you protect your belongings, but will also seal the floor and prevent snow, rain or debris from getting in and damaging your property.

Good For Small Driveways

If you live in a neighborhood that doesn’t have large driveways, you must install the right size garage door that offers you the appropriate convenience you need even in tight spaces. Trying to park your car or driving it out in a tight area could scratch or damage the car and can be especially tough if you lack the right garage door.

Installing a sectional garage door will give you the benefit of driving in and out of your garage properly irrespective of the size of the garage because it opens upwards not in and out. This is very beneficial especially if you have a large vehicle. There will be enough space inside to park your vehicles without fear of damaging your car or the garage door.

Access To Electric Or Manual Operation

People often have different preferences when it comes to garage door openers. Some might want manually operated garage doors while others might opt for automatically operated garage doors. The satisfactory aspect of sectional garage doors is that they are available in both options. This means that a sectional garage door can either be operated manually or automatically depending on the user’s preference.

Ability To Fit Any Garage Opening

If your garage has an unusual way of opening, it can be difficult trying to find a garage door that suits your needs. Sectional garage doors, however, can function in any situation due to their mode of mechanism. These include garage openings that have been arched or have dome-shaped openings.

Conserves Space

Sectional garage doors open vertically and they are restrained under the ceiling to create more space. This phenomenon makes it easier for a homeowner to effectively utilize both the inside area and outside area of the door for either packing or driving in and out.

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