Security Grilles

Security grilles are a non-obtrusive and effective means of protecting your property. They’re easy to maintain, easy to use and they offer a high level of security whilst looking great. We provide exceptionally safe and easy to use security grilles, which have a smooth and quiet operation. Our comprehensive line of top quality security grilles are highly reliable and they offer our clients much needed peace of mind.

Designed to keep intruders out whilst letting in the maximum amount of light, our security grilles are ideal for medium to large windows and any vulnerable ground floor windows or doors. In residential homes they can be easily fitted to the window or door, and will neatly disappear behind the curtains. When it comes to retail situations, our security grilles are very aesthetically pleasing, and they allow merchandise to be displayed in a safe and secure manner, 24 hours a day. In office settings, they let light in and in some cases, you can easily open the windows to let fresh air in without compromising your security.

Types of Security Grilles We Offer

Side Folding Open Air Security Grilles
When security is a top priority and you want proper ventilation, visual access to the interior spaces and light infiltration, side folding security grilles are the ideal choice for you. Short on space required for fitting or installation? our security grilles will properly secure your premises or home, and guard against debris and theft.

Our side folding security grilles boast a short stacking dimension and feature a spectacular clear anodized finish in a wide variety of patterns and colours. Our side folding security grilles are perfect for applications that require a secure barrier against debris and theft such as retail applications, airport concourses and shopping centres.

Upward Coiling Security Grilles
Upward coiling grilles offer an attractive and highly functional means of securing areas where public access should be restricted. These ruggedly constructed grilles offer top level security without sacrificing on visual access, light infiltration and ventilation. Available in galvanized steel, aluminum, among others, our upward coiling grilles are well suited for almost any kind of environment and application.

All of our security grilles combine an elegant appearance with the highest levels of protection, ideal for your working premises and/or home. Regardless of whether you need the side folding or the upward/vertical coiling grilles, our range of security grilles provide both maximum security and visual access for exterior and interior openings. So, if you are looking for the most reliable security grilles in the market, you should contact us today and we will gladly be at your service.