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Side Sliding Garage Doors

Side Sliding Garage Doors

Side sliding doors are an effective modern garage door. They are super insulated, require very little head room and benefit from durability, varieties of design, wonderful installation features and automated opening and closing.

Side Sliding Garage Door
Side Sliding Garage Door


Why Choose a Side Sliding Garage Door?

Just like every other door, the side sliding door lends itself solving a particular problem, in this case it’s headroom or rather the lack of it.

Saves Space

Side sliding doors are space savers. Only very little clearance space is needed above the opening.

Ideal for larger openings

Sliding doors can be installed in pairs meaning 2 doors can be installed into the same opening, meeting in the middle and opening away from each other, a 12-meter-wide opening can be opened and closed from 1 remote control fob.

Comfortable And Quiet Operation

The side sliding door is mounted on nylon rollers which run inside aluminium tracks making them very robust and quiet when moving.


Side sliding doors can be easily operated manually but most are fitted with a motor and are operated with remote control fobs.

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