Side Sliding Garage Doors.

Side sliding doors are one of the most effective modern garage doors. The reason for this is not far-fetched considering the many advantages, qualities, and benefits that people get from using this kind of garage door. These qualities include; durability, varieties of design, wonderful installation features and the stress-free opening and closing method.

If you decide you need a side sliding garage door for your garage, you certainly get to enjoy all of these features as long as you undergo the correct procedure of purchase and get a professional to get the installation job done. When purchasing a side sliding door for your garage, it is important that you get the right ones that suit your purpose, this is why we are here for you.

Why Should You Get A Side Sliding Door?

Just like every other door, the side sliding door has its peculiarity. Side sliding doors offer you plenty of benefits that are hard to overlook, apart from being modern, secure, and stylish, they provide the comfort you need while getting through them in and out of your home, office or wherever they’ve been installed. Their style and practicality are also top-notch and suit your needs perfectly. Below are some of the advantages of side sliding doors.

Saves Space

Side sliding doors are space savers. Only very little clearance space is needed on the opening sides of these doors. Instead, they are usually slim, allowing easy and practical usage in any application. Whether you need the full space in your garage to move your vehicles safely or your garage space is not accommodating enough for normal doors, side sliding doors are ideal for you.
Also, if you utilize your garage ceiling for storing things such as surfboards, canoes, or shelving, side sliding doors are the perfect option for you. This is because apart from being designated to save space, they are ideal for properties that have obtrusive features such as awkwardly positioned garage lights, drainpipes and even skipped roofing which blocks the installation of normal doors. If you’re looking to get a door installation done and save space at the same time, with full access to security and practicality, our team of professionals are here for you.

Smooth Traffic Flow

Sliding doors allow for a smooth traffic flow in and out of your garage. Sometimes, you might need to move larger cars into your garage or other huge things. The larger size of the sliding door enables easy access and navigation, they can be two times the width of regular entry sized doors.

Comfortable And Quiet Operation

If the loud motor noise from the traditional garage door makes you uncomfortable, then this feature is suitable for you. Side sliding doors have a quiet operating motor feature that has a huge impact on anyone keen on noise control especially if you have your bedroom or office built directly above the garage. The tacks of side sliding garage doors are set horizontally so that the motor compels less force when you need to open the door, hence, it doesn’t make much noise.


Side sliding doors are usually very secure. When locked from the inside, getting the door to open up from the outside is hard. The rails on which side sliding doors are run are usually interlocked so that it’s difficult to get them removed from the outside. Some side sliding doors are even installed with multi-point locks that get both the top and bottom of these doors secured guaranteeing tighter compressed insulation of the sliding door.
Different types of locks can be installed on a side sliding door; guardian locks which are fixed at the top of the operating door, with the security bolt locked into the frame of the top door, or folding security bars which are fixed on the side of the door frame keeping the door locked whenever the bar is swung down.
Another method of security is the two position kick locks which are fixed on the bottom side of the operating door and used as a secondary lock whenever the door is closed. If you choose our side sliding doors, you can be sure to never run out of locks and security options because you have a range of choices and alternatives.


Side sliding doors do not need all the hard work to get them open. They are mostly automated and remote-controlled. This is an apex for many of our clients.
The convenience that accompanies side sliding doors is top-notch and requires no difficulty at all.

Proper Insulation

Proper insulation will help you save money on your heating and air conditioning system.
We understand the importance of insulation for your side sliding garage doors and as a result, a major part of our preparation goes into properly insulating the doors.
One of the benefits of this is that excess air from your garage is not lost so your HVAC system is not overworked.


A Major functionality of your side sliding garage door is that it should add beauty to your garage or building.
We understand the importance of aesthetics and that is why we go all the way to make sure our side sliding doors are available in a wide range of appealing styles and colours. This means that your choices are not limited to one colour and style.

Low Consumption Of Energy

Side sliding doors need electricity to run as a result of their automation. You might be worried about the impact of this on your electricity bills. Don’t worry, we know this and so we’ve got you covered. Our range of side sliding doors are energy efficient and consume power at the lowest level.

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