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Up & Over Garage Doors

Up & Over Garage Doors

Combining quality with an attractive look.

Up and Over garage doors have been the most popular type of garage door in the UK for so many years. Constructed from one panel and available in a range of steel, timber, and UPVC in various designs and finishes they operate with a no-frills and no-fuss system. They are easy to operate and can be opened and closed quickly, making them suitable for people looking for a simple solution for their garage.

Choose from a canopy garage door or a retractable garage door to find the ideal option for your home. Canopy garage doors are simple to install and easy to use. When open, part of the door creates a door canopy, helping maximise the space in your garage. A retractable mechanism fully retracts into the garage, so they’re completely hidden from the outside.

Up & Over Garage Door
Up & Over Garage Door


If you're considering installing an Up and Over garage door on your property, they offer many features and benefits, including:

Simple Design

The "no frills and no fuss" Up and Over garage door is very easy to operate. They make a great choice for people who are in search of a simple solution for their garage.

Can Be Automated

Up and over garage doors can be automated so you don't have to manually open and close the door. This is ideal for homeowners who have vehicles or cars as they won't have to get out of their cars to open the garage door. They are fitted with a motor and include remote fobs. If you are looking to automate your current manual garage door, please get in touch with the team who would be happy to advise on the best solution.


Up and over garage doors are durable and long-lasting. This means that having to repair your up and over garage door is rare.

All of our Up and Over garage doors are:

Range of Colours and Designs

You can choose from a variety of colours and finishes for your Up and Over garage door, including timber, grain finishes or matt, in a wide range of RAL colours. Whether you are wanting a modern look or a classic garage door style, we are sure you will find the perfect garage door for your property at Ryedale Garage Doors.

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