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If you need to change or upgrade your garage door, the number of options made available to you might seem overwhelming. From roller garage doors to side sliding doors, timber models and iron designs, lots of styles, materials, and designs are available for you to opt for. One of the most common types of garage door is the up and over garage door.

What is an Up And Over Garage Door?

An up and over garage door is a type of door that gets lifted from the bottom and turns to straighten out as horizontal. Once it has become fully opened, it pleats flat against the ceiling of the garage. To close up, the up and over door slides out and lowers gently until it stands vertically again.

Benefits Of The Up And Over Garage Door

Up and over garage doors are one of the most popular utilized garage doors. Here are some of the benefits the door offers:

Simple Design

Up and over garage doors are very easy to operate. They function with a ‘no frills and no fuss” mechanism which enables them to open and close quickly, making them an adequate choice for people who are in search of simple solutions for their garage.
The result of this is that they are also easy to maintain as there’s hardly any problem that can occur.

Can Be Automated

If you are in search of a garage door that you don’t have to manually open and close, you’ll be delighted to know that up and over garage doors can be automated. This is mostly ideal for home owners who have vehicles or cars as they won’t have to get out of their cars to open the garage door.

Custom Made

Most modern up and over garage doors are made available in ranges of several sizes, colours, materials, designs, and attractive styles. They also come in either a textured or a panelled look so that you can tailor your garage door as much as you want to match the exterior look of your home and fit your taste.
An up and over garage door can also be made to measure, even if the opening size of your garage is non-standard. Plenty of options give you full control over its outlook, and your up and over garage door can be manufactured from materials such as GRP, aluminium, steel, or fibreglass.

Easy To Operate

Either manual or automated, an up and over door is easy to operate.
A manual up and over door can be simply pushed from the top while you watch it open outwards and then pivot back into your garage. All you need to operate your automated up and over garage door is its remote.

They Are Durable

Up and over garage doors are durable and long-lasting, hardly anything ever goes wrong with them. This means that having to repair your ‘up and over’ garage door is rare, and the only little maintenance needed is that you have to clean them from time to time.

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